Registration Fee and Extended Care

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Field Trips

Here at Horizons, scholars have the opportunity to visit various sites around Atlanta and beyond. These trips are not just enjoyable, but educational too! These trips help our scholars answer the questions to their PBLs, or Project Based Learning Units.

Project Based Learning Units

Project Based Learning is a unique aspect of learning found within Horizons at Georgia Tech. Project-Based Learning is a hands-on method of learning that allows scholars to apply what they have learned inside the classroom to the world around them. Rather than simply answering math problems, scholars might be asked “How does math help us solve real-world problems?” Scholars would need to use math to answer this question, but the application of classroom teaching to the real world makes classroom education feel much more immediate and helpful to the scholars, and consequently, they retain more.

Social Emotional Learning

Here at Horizons at Georgia Tech, we do our best to center not just the educational development of our scholars, but the emotional development as well. We facilitate this development through our Social Emotional Learning programming in which scholars take classes focusing on self-management; self-awareness; responsible decision making; relationship skills; and social awareness. These lessons that our scholars learn in our SEL class will stick with them for the rest of their lives, helping them become the best versions of themselves. We also utilize tools from the Yale Center for Emotional for our SEL programming. 


Here at Horizons, a unique aspect of our program is swimming as a central pillar in our strategy to foster the development of our scholars. Swimming is useful as a tool to instill confidence, many scholars come to our program with no understanding of how to swim, and by learning something they might have previously thought was impossible, they gain confidence in other aspects of their lives. Additionally, swimming promotes fitness and health, it is a wonderful tool to stay in shape!

Music and Arts

At Horizons, we approach the academic development of our scholars from a holistic perspective. On top of the academic guidance we provide in integral subjects such as math, reading, and science, we also work to instill the values of art and music in our scholars. Our art class builds up scholar’s understanding of fundamental concepts relating to art, such as perspective, in a fun and exciting way that leaves our scholars with a better appreciation of the beauty that surrounds us. In our music classes, scholars get an opportunity to actually play instruments, such as the recorder, and learn how the sounds that make up the fabric of our daily lives are actually made.

Testing And Academic Remediation

Here at Horizons, we assess the scholars before the first day of the program. We then take that data, examine it, and strategize how best to serve the complex needs of each individual scholar. We meet with our teachers and discuss with them how best to implement teaching strategies in their class to make sure areas of weakness are diminished, and strengths and improved upon. At the end of the summer program, we then assess the scholars again to make sure that our strategies are working. Just like our scholars we are always striving to improve.

For those scholars who are struggling, we offer remediation on all subjects taught at Horizons. We have tutors on staff who meet with scholars either in one-on-one sessions or in small groups, and we target the weaknesses that we identified in our pretest as well as any weaknesses noticed throughout the program. We use programs such as myLexia to deliver the most advanced support possible to our scholars.